Sharks: No More Fins off Their Backs Sam Cahir

Sharks: No More Fins off Their Backs

I met my first shark when I was 16 years old: a male blacktip reef shark off the coast of North Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. As I got older, …

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The Seekers’ Judith Durham Speaks Up for Mali!

The Seekers’ vocalist, Judith Durham, a jazz music legend, has joined PETA Asia’s campaign to have Mali – the lonely, ailing 39-year-old elephant who is currently imprisoned in the …

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Olivia Munn Exposes Shocking Fur Cruelty

Actor Olivia Munn, who stars in HBO’s hit series The Newsroom, reveals the true cost of every fur hat, fur coat and pair of fur earmuffs in a new …

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Ellen Wants You to Go Vegan

Australians can show their love for Ellen DeGeneres (and animals) by following her awesome advice and going vegan. She recently launched a new section of her website devoted entirely to …

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Joaquin Phoenix Is Drowning

Award-winning actor and animal lover Joaquin Phoenix struggles underwater, panic in his eyes and on his face, in a new ad that asks people to try to relate to …

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