5 Times P!nk Was LOUD for Animals ©Slobodan Randjelovic

5 Times P!nk Was LOUD for Animals

The rock icon is never shy when it comes to pointing out cruelty to animals!

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WATCH: Natalie Portman Wants Everyone to Treat Animals With Kindness

The vegan Oscar winner appears in a powerful new PETA video.

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Vegan Footy Players You Need to Know About

These athletes had the “balls” to ditch meat, eggs, and dairy “products”.

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Cricketer Adam Zampa Goes to Bat for Animals in New Vegan Bus Campaign

He’s best known for his bowling, but Adam Zampa has gone to bat for animals in a new PETA campaign. His face will appear on buses across Adelaide with …

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Pamela Anderson Asks Aussie Prison Boss To Serve Only Vegan Meals

Vegan food would help inmates embrace non-violence, stay healthy and save the government money.

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