Joaquin Phoenix Wool Cruelty Ad: Rejected!

A PETA anti-wool ad which recently turned heads in Los Angeles has been deemed too controversial for an Australian debut in Armidale, New South Wales.

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6 Times ‘I’m a Celebrity’ Was Just the Worst

Unlike the celebrities who are paid hefty sums to take part in the show’s “Tucker Trials”, the animals used aren’t there by choice.

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Princess Mary, Give Fur a Royal Wave Goodbye

PETA sent Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, a birthday gift: luxurious faux furs from Australian company Unreal Fur.

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It’s Game Over for Norway’s Seal Slaughter Industry ©Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

It’s Game Over for Norway’s Seal Slaughter Industry

For the first time in centuries, not a single Norwegian boat will kill seals this winter. This victory follows years of campaigning by PETA affiliates to protect seals.

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16 Aussies Who’ll Be ‘Off Their Chops’ This Australia Day

It’s no secret that fewer Aussies are eating lamb on Australia Day. Find out which celebrities are likely to choose plant-based meals on 26 January.

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