Big News! Moncler Is Going Fur-Free © Jeremy Hynes / Unsplash

Big News! Moncler Is Going Fur-Free

We have excellent news for minks and foxes: Moncler has become the latest fashion brand to go fur-free. The company’s decision to ditch fur follows years of pressure from …

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Stella McCartney Gifts Gorgeous Coat to Sophia Loren

A special birthday gift is on its way from Stella McCartney to screen icon Sophia Loren.

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Push to Drop Fur and Exotic Skins Heads to LVMH’s Boardroom

Coronavirus risk, cruelty to animals – filthy fur and reptile farms need to be shut down.

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Huge News! M&S to Drop Alpaca Wool

After viewing PETA’s exposé revealing that crying alpacas are roughly sheared and left cut up and bleeding from deep wounds, high street icon Marks & Spencer has confirmed it …

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Mulberry Confirms Exotic Skins Ban!

The spring/summer 2020 season marks the brand’s first-ever departure from using the skins of alligators, crocodiles, ostriches, lizards, or snakes in its designs.

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