Gorman to Ban the Sale of Mohair!

Australian cult-fashion favourite Gorman will phase out mohair by 2020.

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Why Vegan Fashion Is Always the More Sustainable Option Unreal Fur

Update: Brands That Have Ditched Cruelly Obtained Mohair

Following a disturbing PETA exposé of cruelty in the mohair industry, dozens of brands have committed to dropping the material from their lines.

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Competition to Help ‘Discover’ Vegan Wool

The 2018 Biodesign Challenge for university students includes the first-ever prize for Animal-Free Wool.

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Gillian Anderson Is Naked in ‘Liberating’ New Anti-Fur Campaign

As New York Fashion Week unfolds, PETA US has unveiled a gigantic billboard showing Gillian Anderson wearing little more than a smile with the slogan “I’d Rather Go Naked …

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