Vegan Food

Eat Plants, Tackle Obesity

Obesity is “the biggest public health challenge facing Australia “. But there’s an easy way to maintain a healthy weight: by eating plant-based foods.

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Prostate Cancer Fundraiser: Throw Some Vegan Snags on the Barbie

PETA has requested that the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia change the name of its Big Aussie Barbie campaign.

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VIDEO: Vegan Ice Cream Taste Test Fools Dairy Lovers

Would a group of self-confessed “foodies” notice if we swapped their dairy ice cream for a vegan alternative? We decided to find out.

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World Osteoporosis Day: Do Dairy Foods Harm Your Bones? ©Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

World Osteoporosis Day: Do Dairy Foods Harm Your Bones?

Numerous studies have shown links between consumption of dairy foods and osteoporosis – and many doctors now speak out against eating them.

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Hughesy Tricks Kebab Shop Customers With ‘Meatless Meat’

Watch what happens when Dave Hughes takes over a kebab shop, and find out more about the latest “meatless meat” products that have taken Australia by storm.

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