Apple Offers Free ‘Seals Hero’ Game, Turns Down Seal-Hunting App

In 2010, Apple blocked an app that let players beat, shoot and kill virtual seals, but saving “seals” is fair game. Apple has launched a free iPhone app called …

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Western Australia’s Shameful Shark Slaughter

The Western Australia government’s catch-and-kill policy against endangered sharks was put into action on Australia Day – a day when Aussies should have felt proud of their nation – …

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Exotic-Animal Trade: Suffering for Sale

More and more people are succumbing to the temptation to acquire exotic animals, such as birds, snakes and lizards, to keep as pets. But captivity is often a death …

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Game Council Abolished, but Animals Still in Peril

It’s game over for the Game Council of New South Wales (NSW), which has been abolished following a damning report from the NSW government. The review was commissioned after …

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Sharks: No More Fins off Their Backs Sam Cahir

Sharks: No More Fins off Their Backs

I met my first shark when I was 16 years old: a male blacktip reef shark off the coast of North Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. As I got older, …

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