Art Simone for PETA: ‘Keep Your Pussy Tucked Away’ Peter Foster

Art Simone for PETA: ‘Keep Your Pussy Tucked Away’

The “Queen of Australia” appears in a new public service announcement for PETA, urging cat guardians to keep their animals indoors.

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Civet Cats Driven Mad: PETA Exposes Kopi Luwak Coffee

PETA Asia’s latest footage shows that despite an international outcry, civet cats are still being abused for kopi luwak.

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Magpie Swooping: How to Avoid Getting Hit

Magpies typically nest for around six weeks between August and October, when the father is responsible for defending his babies by chasing away any animal he considers a threat.

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Backyard Netting Is Lethal for Native Animals – Here’s How You Can Help!

Flying fox populations are falling, partly because of easily preventable entanglements in backyard fruit tree netting. Read on to learn the steps you can take to help them!

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