PSA: ‘Surfing’ on Crocodiles is Dumb and Deadly

Posted on by PETA Australia

A photo published on Reddit of a man standing on the back of a crocodile with a rope around the animal’s snout has gone viral, with some people calling it the “most Aussie thing ever.”

If this stunt is the “most Aussie thing ever”, we should be ashamed.

Animals are not surfboards, and we should no more be applauding a person who “surfs” on a crocodile than we should applaud jockeys who whip horses or marine park trainers who ride on dolphins’ fins.

Already in Australia, crocodiles are exploited as tourist spectacles, their nests are raided for eggs so that their babies can be raised on filthy factory farms, and they’re mercilessly slaughtered so that foreign fashion houses can turn their skins into handbags.


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Native wildlife habitats are already under threat, thanks to human lust for animal flesh and the dire environmental effects of animal agriculture.

The last thing Australian animals need is also to be stood on by grown men looking for attention.