Animal Advocacy Groups Caught Up in Australia Facebook “Ban”

Posted on by PETA Australia

Facebook’s recent actions restricting people in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content are affecting more than just “news” pages. The posts on several Australian animal rights groups’ pages and vegan advocacy pages have become inaccessible, and PETA’s international affiliates’ pages have been suppressed to Australian viewers.

Screenshot of Facebook restrictions

A screenshot of what PETA US' Facebook page looks like in Australia.

PETA’s objective is to stop animal suffering, and we rely on social media to reach people with information that they might otherwise never see.

We have worked to uncover the horrors inherent in the furangora, and mohair industries – leading hundreds of companies to ban these fibres, thereby sparing countless animals a lifetime of suffering – and social media has played a vital role.

PETA affiliates also share footage of the abuse that wild animals endure when they’re used for selfies, which has created public awareness about responsible travel and lead numerous companies to stop promoting interactive wild animals tours. And PETA affiliates have shared images and videos taken inside animal testing facilities, which has persuaded countless companies – including Kellogg CompanyKikkoman, and Dove – to end experiments on animals.

The largest and most effective social media site on which to share these life-saving images and videos has been Facebook.

We’re glad Facebook has said that it will reverse the suppression of any pages that are inadvertently affected by the restrictions. Animals need as many people as possible to speak out against cruelty on every channel we can use, including Facebook – but please ensure you connect with us elsewhere so you can stay up to date on our work and seize every opportunity to speak up for animals:

  • Sign up for e-mail updates, which is one of the most important and effective ways that PETA reaches our supporters when animals need their help.
  • Join PETA’s Activist Network and we will inform you of upcoming events and demonstrations in your area, breaking news, urgent alerts, and tips on ways that you can improve the lives of animals every day.
  • Follow @PETA_Australia on Instagram for posts about our work, peeks behind the scenes, Instagram Live interviews with change-makers and more.
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