Have You Heard the Dirt on McDonald’s Health Violations?

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

friesDuring an inspection of the McDonald’s in Queen Street Mall last year, Brisbane City Council Eat Safe officers found a slew of health violations, including cockroaches, floors covered with grease and grime and more. They fined the restaurant $70,000 – the highest penalty for health violations of any restaurant in Brisbane.

As disturbing as that is, what’s inside burgers, nuggets and other meat is even grosser. Think salmonella, E coli, antibiotics and faeces, to name a few. Yes, that’s right – faeces. And speaking of health hazards, don’t forget about all the artery-clogging cholesterol and saturated fat found in meat, which can lead to heart disease and other life-threatening health problems. But dirtiest of all is the way that animals are abused and killed before being turned into meat – including being crammed into filthy sheds, skinned and gutted while still conscious and even being scalded to death.

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Posted by Claire Fryer