Lucy the Live-Export Sheep Hits the Campaign Trail

Posted on by PETA Australia

As the federal election looms, Lucy – PETA’s “sheep” mascot – has been out hitting the campaign trail with an important message for both ends of the political spectrum: ban live exports!

So far, she’s attended the two leaders’ debates in Brisbane and Sydney, heckling ScoMo and Albo to commit to better, kinder policies for her flock.

Live-Export Cruelty Continues

Despite many investigations spanning more than two decades, Australia is still sending millions of live cattle and sheep on hellish journeys to Asia and the Middle East, forcing them to endure a gruelling trip across thousands of kilometres – sometimes in the searing heat – that may take weeks.

The misery continues for those who survive the journey. There are virtually no laws to protect animals in the countries they’re sold to, and they’re often subjected to abuse and methods of slaughter that are illegal in Australia.

In 2021, despite a decade of attempted regulation and review by the government, a PETA Asia investigation in Indonesia showing Australian cattle being butchered while their legs were still moving has yet again prompted international outrage.

Sheep on a live export shipJo-Anne McArthur / Eyes On Animals / We Animals Media

Labor Promises to End Sheep Exports

Ahead of the second debate in Sydney, Labor announced it would support a ban on live sheep exports if it wins the election.

Of course, a promise is not a plan. We need a detailed plan that ensures this policy will not only come to fruition but also stick. There have been too many instances in which those in power have kowtowed to the almighty dollar and backflipped.

And of course, sheep aren’t the only victims of this cruel trade. PETA won’t stop protesting until the very last ship has sailed.

Help End Live Exports Now

You don’t have to wait for politicians to announce policies or make good on promises to end your support of this gruesome industry.

The live-export industry is the meat and leather industries. If you buy meat at an Australian supermarket or purchase a pair of leather shoes, you’re putting money in the pockets of the same people who send these animals to be slaughtered in hideous, painful ways overseas.

If you continue to buy the flesh or skin of animals, you send the same message to producers that the government does, i.e. that this industry has a social license to continue.

Have your say on live export before you step into a polling booth, and start your vegan journey now.

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