This Tiny Mouse Needs Your Help to Stop Animal Testing

Posted on by Dan H

A mouse experimenting is cute – experimenting on a mouse isn’t.

In PETA’s newest video, a mouse running his own experiment gets the shock of his life when the real world comes crashing in.

Creative agency 160over90, an Endeavor Company,  created this clever video to depict the reality of experimentation from the viewpoint of individual animals – all animals, no matter how tiny, have a mind, a personality, and the desire to go about their own lives.

The mouse on his way to class represents the uncounted millions of mice, rats, and other animals who are used and killed in laboratory experiments each year in abusive and scientifically bogus tests like the “forced swim test”, in which mice are forced to swim for their lives in inescapable containers, trying not to drown.

In fact, 90% of basic research – most of which involves experiments on animals – leads to zero treatments for humans, and 95% of new drugs that test safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials. Animal experiments are wasteful as well as unethical.

Mice and all animals deserve to lead their own lives. Watch the video and see if you agree.

What Can You Do?

Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand is supposed to be a place of education and innovation, but its administration still allows experimenters to dose mice and rats with drugs and drop them into cylinders of water to watch how long they struggle.

Join PETA in helping mice by asking Victoria University of Wellington to ban this archaic experiment.