Nando’s Finally Releases Its Vegan Chicken Nationwide!

Posted on by PETA Australia

It’s vegan, and it’s PERi-PERi good: Australia, meet The Great Pretender!

PETA has been working with Nando’s on this chicken-free treat since 2017. It was launched in Queensland earlier this year to huge success, and now, it’s on menus nationwide.


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As smart businesses race to meet the sky-high demand for tasty vegan options, offering The Great Pretender nationwide will almost certainly mean profits by the bucketful – and countless chickens’ lives saved.

More than 600,000 chickens are killed for their flesh in Australia every year, and the vast majority are raised in filthy, windowless sheds with 40,000 or more other birds. They’ve been selectively bred and fed to grow at three times their natural rate so that they reach “slaughter weight” when they’re just 6 weeks old. The chickens who die for burgers, wings, and nuggets were literally babies.

Chickens are inquisitive, social animals who enjoy being stroked and cuddled just as much as your dog. They have fantastic memories and are protective of their families and other chickens in their group.


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Nando’s is calling its new offering “plant-based” since it’s cooked on the same grill as chickens. Of course, we know this isn’t to every vegan’s taste, but The Great Pretender is still suitable for vegans. By supporting such plant-based options, we can encourage companies to extend their vegan offerings, making compassionate eating more accessible and appealing to new audiences.

So who should be next to add a vegan option to its menu? KFC, we’re looking at you!

Let's Get Vegan Chicken at KFC in Australia!