Obela Hummus Parent Company Bans Animal Tests After Talks With PETA US

Posted on by Dan H

If a vegan food pyramid existed, hummus would probably have its own category. But until recently, even our favourite savoury spread had ties to horrific animal abuse.

In a big win following talks with PETA US, Strauss Group – the second-largest food and beverage company in Israel and the parent company of popular spread brand Obela – has adopted a new policy banning laboratory experiments on animals.

Obela hummus lovers can rejoice that their purchases will no longer contribute to experiments in which gentle animals are starved, poisoned, and killed.

Obela Hommus

In previous deadly tests on animals conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, an experimenter funded by Strauss Group  fed mice a low-fat, high-fat, or ketogenic diet and then starved them for 12 hours before killing and dissecting them. Experimenters starved some animals for 20 hours every day for eight weeks.

In a letter to Strauss Group, PETA-affiliate scientists pointed out that since all the tests involved common food ingredients with no toxicity concerns, the studies could have been safely conducted using human volunteers  or other non-animal methods. Numerous such studies have already been published.

PETA is calling on food and beverage companies still clinging to cruel and archaic animal tests to follow Strauss Group’s example and leave these unsavoury  practices behind.

Strauss Group – which is also partnering with an Israeli start-up company  to develop lab-grown, slaughter-free meat – joins a growing list of dozens of major food companies that have recently worked with PETA affiliates to end animal testing.

Prior to contacting the companies, PETA US uncovered disturbing documents showing that thousands of animals were cut open, starved, poisoned, abused, and killed during cruel laboratory experiments for decades – all just so that companies could attempt to make marketing claims about products ranging from ramen noodles to candy bars and from breakfast cereals to liquor.

Help Prevent Other Animals From Being Harmed in Lethal Experiments

When it comes to feeling joy, cherishing life, and experiencing pain, other animals are just like us. So imagine the hellish reality that millions of them experience every day inside laboratories.

They’re mutilated, force-fed drugs, burned, drowned, and tormented in other awful ways before ultimately being killed. Please click on the link below and take a stand against animal testing today: