Pamela Anderson Calls for Manus Investigation

Posted on by PETA Australia

Human and animal rights activist and former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is concerned that violence and suffering on Manus Island have reached a new level. This comes after refugees were forced to move camps and a guard allegedly threw a cherished dog, Foxy, from a moving bus.

The Combined Refugee Action Group has posted “Message from Manus: Manus refugee carried Foxy to the bus. Cradled dog in his arms, [he] risked [his] life to save Foxy. Guard allowed him [to] carry dog on bus but threw Foxy from bus at speed[.] Man now mentally unwell.”

Foxy was allegedly thrown from the transport bus at speed by a guard and killed.

PETA Honorary Director Anderson has consequently sent the following urgent appeal to Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton: