PETA Asia Targets ‘Crush’ Video Producers

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

cute puppyOur affiliates PETA Asia and PETA US have been working hard to shut down the producers of “crush” videos and hold them criminally accountable for their vile actions. These deeply disturbing videos often feature scantily clad women and girls killing animals in ghastly ways. In one case, videos showed girls skinning a live rabbit, burning a dog with a clothes iron and crushing puppies to death.

In a landmark case involving PETA Asia, a couple in the Philippines – Dorma and Vicente Ridon – have been arrested on charges related to making graphic “crush” videos. Their arrest follows a yearlong investigation undertaken by PETA Asia in cooperation with the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation. The Ridons have been held in jail without bail for more than eight months after being charged with cruelty to animals, wildlife violations, child abuse and human trafficking.

Although it has been gruelling work for PETA Asia to keep this case moving forward in this remote part of the Philippines, the group’s legal team expects that a judgement regarding the Ridons will be handed down soon. This is a precedent-setting case that sends a clear message to people in the Philippines and around the world: If you abuse and kill animals to make perverted videos, you will get caught and go to jail.

Posted by Claire Fryer