PETA Asks for Pig-Free Meals as Peppa takes the stage at Sydney Opera House

Posted on by PETA Australia

She’s the little pig revered by children all over the world, and as she takes the stage at the Sydney Opera House this week for Peppa Pig’s Surprise, PETA is asking that the venue take pig flesh off the menu.

PETA recently sent a letter to the venue’s kids and performing arts representative, urging her to honour the mischievous little pig by taking animals off the Opera Bar menu during the show’s run – or even better, for good.

As an added incentive, PETA offered to supply vegan ham or sausages for the opening show.

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Many of the young children who will cheer for Peppa would be horrified to learn that ham and sausages are made from pigs like her. Her fans know that she is not a piece of bacon or a ham sandwich, but rather an individual with emotions who can feel joy and pain.

On Australian farms, pigs have their teeth clipped or ground down and their tails cut off without any painkillers. After females give birth they’re confined to farrowing crates so small that they can’t even turn around, let alone fulfil their strong urge to build a nest as they would naturally do. They’re forcibly impregnated over and over again, and each litter of piglets is torn away from them after only a few weeks and transported to fattening pens before eventually being sent to slaughter.

The best way to show Peppa and other pigs real respect is to stop eating them and try to give them the lives that they are entitled to. PETA will help you get there with your free Vegan Starter Kit.

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