Pig Semen in Shampoo Bottles?! And They Claim Protesters Are the Biosecurity Threat?

Posted on by PETA Australia

In a scene straight out of a Hollywood farce, bosses of a Western Australia piggery have been caught, fined, and jailed for smuggling Danish pig semen in shampoo bottles. The importation has been going on since 2009, and it risks introducing a virus called the “pig plague”, along with other biohazards.

©Aussie Farms

All the while, industries that exploit animals have been feigning concern about potential “biosecurity threats” on their factory farms from investigators who are there to document suffering and legal violations. In reality, many activists wear facemasks, sterile boots, or even full biohazard suits when they enter a property, both to maintain biosecurity and to provide some relief against the suffocating levels of ammonia that make it difficult to breathe in such places.

The industry itself is full of people who flagrantly ignore the issue of biosecurity. Australian animal factories aren’t pristine bastions of sterility. More than half the antibiotics imported into the country are fed to farmed animals in order to stave off diseases that would thrive in the crowded, filthy living conditions that the stressed animals are forced to endure.

These corporations don’t fear biohazards. What they really fear is that the truth about the cruelty occurring behind closed doors will be exposed for all to see and that the public will reject their vile “products”.