These Pig Videos Will Make You Reconsider Buying a Christmas Ham

Posted on by PETA Australia

At this time of year, we’re bombarded with advertisements for Christmas hams. But do we ever consider the intelligent, sensitive pig who was killed for that neatly packaged piece of flesh?

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Pig and Kitten Snuggles

There are no words to describe the cuteness! This rescued piglet and kitten are best buddies – and there’s no difference in their ability to feel love, fear, joy, happiness, and pain. What a beautiful reminder that all animals deserve to live free from harm.


Rescuer Sings to Bentley the Pig in Hospital

Rescued pig Bentley suffered a seizure and contracted meningitis, leaving him blind and with just a 10 per cent chance of survival. Here, his human companion sings to soothe him in the noisy hospital building. Remarkably, he later made a full recovery and regained his sight.


Shoppers Pranked by Fake ‘Pig Sausages’

Watch these shocked shoppers gasp in horror as they’re duped into thinking piglets have been ground up into sausages. Most people wouldn’t be able to watch as an animal was killed before their eyes.


Activists Give Food, Water, and Love to Pigs During Heatwave

Members of Toronto Pig Save assisted these suffering pigs during a week in which temperatures soared and the animals exhibited signs of heatstroke. This may have been the final act of kindness shown to them before they were killed.


Piglets Saved From Slaughter

In June 2014, PETA US’ fieldworkers discovered pigs and piglets living in squalor. They had no food or water, and many had sustained gruesome injuries. PETA US cared for the pigs for weeks until finally getting custody of them. And that’s when their lives really changed …


The Truth About Pig Farming in Australia

Think cruelty to animals occurs only overseas? Think again. Most pigs in Australia are confined to factory farms, where they suffer immensely. This footage, shot at piggeries across Australia, shows standard industry practices.


Abused Pig Cuddles With His New Family

When PETA US first found Koa the pig, he’d been suffering for almost a week from gashes all over his body as well as a deep wound crawling with maggots. He’d been beaten with a crowbar and left to die. He was so terrified that he ran into the woods, where a search party found him the next morning and rushed him into emergency surgery. Fortunately, he pulled through. After spending a few weeks in intensive care and then resting at a nearby animal sanctuary, he was ready to move in with his new family.


Esther the Wonder Pig’s Story

If you’re not following Esther the Wonder Pig on social media yet, drop everything and do it! Her guardians now run Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada, and their daily posts will brighten up even the dullest day at work. Here, we look back on Esther’s one-year social media anniversary.


Lucent, a Documentary on Australian Pig Farming

Finally, spend a couple of hours learning how pigs are treated on farms right here in Australia. The makers of Lucent have kindly uploaded the full documentary to YouTube. After watching, you’ll never look at a Christmas ham in the same way again.