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Illegal Dog Hunting Training on Brown Bears in Russia

PETA Germany has sent an urgent letter to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, urging him to crack down on the illegal activity.

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Stefania Ferrario Would Rather Go Naked Than Wear Wool

And she’s even writing wool out of her modelling contracts!

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Melbourne Cup Protesters Stage ‘Squid Game’ Scene Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses

Melbourne Cup Protesters Stage ‘Squid Game’ Scene

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup, protesters staged a scene from “Squid Game” outside the gates of Flemington.

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Take the Vegan Challenge! @olivewoodvegan

Take the Vegan Challenge!

Want to take the first step towards helping animals, protecting the environment, and boosting your health? Sign up for the Vegan Challenge!

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Barnaby Joyce Snaps Up Unusual Vegan Gift

PETA sent Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce a gift that’s sure to turn a few heads.

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Connie Crayden Urges Fans to Adopt, Not Shop!

“Married at First Sight” fan favourite Connie Crayden is helping others find love – by starring in a new PETA adoption ad!

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VICTORY for Dogs! Sunshine Coast Puppy Farm Plans Rejected

More than 23,000 PETA supporters objected to the proposal.

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VICTORY! AAMI Insurance Ends Melbourne Cup Sponsorship!

Thousands of PETA supporters had e-mailed the insurance company, asking that it end its sponsorship of the disgrace that stops the nation.

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Sharna Burgess Dives Deep to Speak Up for Dolphins at Sea World

Celebrity dancer and reality TV judge Sharna Burgess weighs in on Sea World’s practice of breeding and keeping dolphins in captivity in Australia.

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Horse Whipping Cruelty: PETA Australia Files Criminal Charges © Liss Ralston

Horse Whipping Cruelty: PETA Australia Files Criminal Charges

PETA has filed criminal charges in the Magistrates Court of Tasmania, alleging that the whipping of horses at Tasmanian racecourses violates the state’s animal welfare laws.

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