PETA ‘Proggy’ Award: Fraser Coast Council Makes Desexing Mandatory!

Posted on by PETA Australia

Great news from Queensland! The Fraser Coast Regional Council has become the first council in the state to introduce mandatory desexing for companion animals.

To recognise this important step forward, PETA has presented the council with a PETA Proggy Award for progress.

Under this new legislation, every cat and dog must be desexed by 22 weeks of age. Not only will this measure help curb the huge cat and dog overpopulation problem in the area, this life-saving law will also help shelter animals, who often lose their chance at finding loving homes when puppies and kittens are brought into the world by irresponsible owners.

“Every kitten and puppy born is a virtual death sentence for another animal in a shelter, as they will occupy homes that could have taken in homeless animals already born, destined to die unloved. Saving lives is as easy as making sure our companion animals are desexed.”

– Jason Baker, PETA Australia Director of Campaigns

Cute Desexed Dog

More than 200,000 cats and dogs are currently euthanised in Australia each year, simply because of a lack of good homes.

PETA Australia hopes other councils around the country will follow the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s lead and implement mandatory desexing to help solve this problem.

Cute kitten