On ‘The Wiggles’, It’s Yummy Vegan Hot Dog Day

Posted on by Dan H

The secret treat at Le James Café on a recent episode of the popular children’s TV show The Wiggles is sure to delight kids and help animals.

It’s Yummy Vegan Hot Dog Day! With characters who declare that they’d love to chomp down on a vegan hot dog and even break into songs about them, the TV programme shows kids that they can enjoy sausages on a roll without any cruelty to animals.

Kids understand that cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals have personalities and can think and feel. A pig on a farm is no different from Wags the Dog on The Wiggles. Most children don’t want to do anything that would hurt animals and would be horrified if they learned about the ways animals suffer before being killed so that humans can eat them.

Let’s stop desensitising our children to suffering and normalising cruelty by feeding them animal flesh. Instead, we should foster their natural empathy with healthy, animal-friendly food.

Kids can get all the nutrients they need from well-balanced vegan meals, including even the occasional vegan hot dog. Find recipes, games, fun crafts, and ways to help animals by visiting PETA US’ PETA Kids site: