TRESemmé Bans All Animal Testing Worldwide!

Posted on by PETA Australia

We have some exciting news with regard to the internet’s burning question, “is TRESemmé cruelty-free?”

It’s official: After working with PETA US, TRESemmé—one of the most widely recognised hair-care brands—has banned all tests on animals anywhere in the world! Compassionate shoppers everywhere can now look to it for products that are salon-tested on consenting humans but never tested on animals.

Is TRESemmé PETA-Approved?

The Global Beauty Without Bunnies program welcomes Unilever’s iconic professional hair-care brand TRESemmé to the list of companies that have banned all tests on animals. Now, when you search for the brand in our Beauty Without Bunnies database, you’ll spot the iconic bunny logo confirming that “[t]his company does NOT test on animals.”


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Unilever is setting a new standard: In 2018, TRESemmé’ parent company also banned all tests on animals not required by law for all of its products. The move prompted PETA US to add the consumer goods giant to its list of companies “Working for Regulatory Change,” a category that recognises businesses that test on animals only when explicitly required to do so by law, are transparent with PETA US about any tests on animals that have been conducted and why, and work diligently to promote the development, validation, and acceptance of non-animal methods.

TRESemmé joins Suave, Dove, and other major Unilever brands in giving consumers what they want: products that weren’t tested on animals.

Beauty Without Bunnies

The Beauty Without Bunnies list is used by millions of consumers as an essential resource when shopping for personal-care products, and we want you to use it, too. Before you shop, always make sure that the products you’re choosing are from the more than 5,300 companies in the Global Beauty Without Bunnies searchable database of companies that don’t test on animals. There’s also an app for it too called Bunny Free!

In laboratories, conscious, feeling rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and other animals are subjected to excruciating experiments and a lifetime of suffering before they’re killed. Join PETA in ending all tests on animals:

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