Yoda Cake Wins ‘Vegan Eats and Treats’ Contest

Posted on by PETA Australia

A vegan chocolate cake from a galaxy far, far away has won a Gold Coast woman a month’s supply of vegan meals.

Food brings people together and has the power to change minds, and no one knows this better than Zoe Lee, who used her chocolate Yoda cake with peanut butter frosting as a force for good at a Star Wars–themed birthday party.

For her efforts, she won a 30-day supply of delicious, handcrafted vegan meals – such as Pumpkin Lasagne; Artichoke, Capers, and Lemon “Fish” Cakes; Lemon Cheesecake; and more –from Galaxy Vegan, delivered right to her door.

Many Star Wars fanatics believe Yoda was actually a vegan!

By eating vegan, we all have the chance to save nearly 200 animals a year from unimaginable suffering and unjustifiable deaths. Vegans also have a reduced risk of developing many serious health problems such as cancer, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes and don’t contribute to the catastrophic levels of water pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions caused by the production of meat, eggs, and dairy “products”.

All the entrants in PETA’s Vegan Eats and Treats contest were winners for inspiring their friends, families, and colleagues to try cruelty-free cooking.

Are you ready to go vegan? Refusing to consume other animals’ flesh, eggs, and secretions means that you won’t be supporting industries which are hell for mother chickens and cows, who are exploited and whose babies are stolen from them. There’s no better time than now, during World Vegan Month, to make the switch!

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