Vegan Christmas Roasts and Where to Buy Them

Given Australia’s appetite for plant based food, vegan Christmas roasts will be on menus all across the country this year. 

There are lots of options for festive centrepieces with all the trimmings that don’t involve animal flesh.

Coles Plant Based Christmas Roast

Coles has brought the holiday cheer by way of this vegan Christmas roast with sweet chutney. It’s 800 grams and can serve 5 people – not bad for the $15 price tag!

Coles Plant based Christmas Roast

Vegie Delights Roast

Popular Aussie brand Vegie Delights doesn’t disappoint with its roast, either. Easy to find (it’s stocked at Coles supermarkets), inexpensive, and simple to cook, this is one to grab outside of the holiday period, too. You could enjoy a cruelty-free Sunday roast every week! Read more about it here.

Vegie Delights vegan Christmas roastWoolworths Plant Based Christmas Roast with Cranberry Glaze

Woolworths has updated its plant based roast offering this year and added several other vegan goodies after reporting a 32% yearly increase in demand for meat-free dishes.  It’s 500 grams, is supposed to serve 4 people and comes in at $15.

Woolworth's Plant Based Christmas Roast

Gardein Holiday Roast

Ring in the holiday season with this delicious roast with cranberry wild rice stuffing and homestyle gravy.  It’s 1.13 kg and can serve up to 8 people, making it one of the largest options on the market for Australians. These roasts sell out quickly but we spy some at The Green Edge (in store at Windsor, Brisbane or shipping to Metro Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast) La Vida (delivery in Perth Metro only) and All About Empathy in Kellyville, NSW, but you have to go in store to purchase.

Photo of the Gardein Holiday Roast

Field Roast 

Field Roast offers a more traditional Celebration Roast with bread stuffing and mushroom gravy and a Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute wrapped in puff pastry with a sausage, cranberry and apple centre.

Both are sure to impress on Christmas Day. Did we mention there are 908 gram and half sizes. too? Pre-order in Australia at the Cruelty Free Shop here and in New Zealand here. Also available at All About Empathy (in store only), La Vida Vegan (Perth), The Green Edge (Brisbane and surrounds).

Suzy Spoons Vegetarian Butcher Festive Roast

Vegetarian butchers are a thing, too – and they’re fantastic. Suzy Spoons is one of Australia’s best-loved providers of ethical vegan meats, delivered to your door, and she sells out FAST. Get in quick and order one of its festive roasts – the deliciousness knows no bounds. Classic, Gluten-Free and Nut-Free varieties are available.

Suzy Spoon's Vegan Roast

AVS Organic Foods

Their vegan cheeses are out-of-this-world delicious and AVS Organic Foods’ Christmas gluten-free roasts do not disappoint either!  You can order online if you live in the metro Melbourne or Sydney areas or you can pick-up from one of their many stockists around Victoria, Perth, and Hobart.

AVS Gluten Free Christmas Roast

Unreal Co Chick’n Roast

Perfect for people who want to make their own roast, but without the time spent shopping, measuring and weighing. Unreal Co’s roast kit includes everything you need to make a juicy gluten-free, vegan roast plus stuffing. It’s shipped in plastic-free packaging that’s better for the environment and since it’s not (yet) cooked, it won’t spoil if it’s delivered when you’re not home.

If you follow the instructions, you should end up with a tasty chicken style vegan roast that will please turkey-lovers (the real kind that don’t eat birds).

Unreal Co's chick'n vegan roast

Lamyong Vegan Roast

The Lamyong Vegan Roast only needs a drizzle of maple syrup glazing and 20 minutes in the oven before being served with some vegan gravy. Place your order online through the Lamyong website and check the delivery locations here.

Photo of the Lamyong Vegan Roast

Make Your Own

Could you give Nigella a run for her money? Then why not make your own Christmas roast? There are countless recipes and videos online to suit any palate. This nut roast is one of our absolute favourites:

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