How to Find a Dog Park Anywhere in Australia

Ever been on holiday with your dog and struggled to find dog-friendly areas to visit?

That’s exactly what happened to Monica Biegalke when she took her newly adopted dog, Max, on a road trip from Townsville to Armidale.

Aussie Dog Parks - Monica & Max

Monica and Max

Wanting to bond with Max and ensure that he enjoyed the trip as much as she did, she searched for dog parks to stop at as well as dog-friendly caravan parks to stay in. This task proved a lot harder than she’d expected, and she often found herself frustrated as she searched online in unfamiliar areas and came up with nothing.

This experience inspired her to launch Aussie Dog Parks, a new website that makes it easier for dog guardians to locate all of the following:

  • Dog parks and off-leash areas
  • Dog-friendly picnic spots
  • Dog-friendly walking trails and tourist areas
  • Visitor information centres
  • Useful businesses such as dog walkers, groomers, veterinary clinics, and dog-friendly cafés

In a very short time, she has added more than 2,000 dog parks and 600 visitor information centres to the directory. It’s growing every day, thanks to website visitors who submit updates via a simple electronic form.

The next time you head into an unfamiliar area, check out Aussie Dog Parks and make sure that your canine companion has a place to hang out and have fun.