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Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

‘Sheep’ Sets Sail in Canberra Lake to Protest Live Export

On the last week of Parliament for 2022, a PETA “sheep” took an important message to the nation’s capital.

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Demand an End to Cruel Live Export

Halting live-sheep exports for three months of the year is not enough.

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How Ducks Suffer and Die for ‘Responsible’ Down PETA Asia

How Ducks Suffer and Die for ‘Responsible’ Down

Footage reveals ducks being stabbed in the neck to make Responsible Down Standard–certified down for suppliers of well-known brands.

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Watch PETA’s First-Ever Christmas Ad: Toby the Turkey’s Story Will Melt Your Heart

PETA’s new Christmas advert opens viewers’ eyes to the smart, sociable birds who often end up on a carving board. Watch it now!

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PETA Virtual Event: Global Compassion Fund Fireside Chat With Ingrid Newkirk

Don’t miss this intimate insight into our vital work for animals around the globe.

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Joanna Krupa Joins PETA US in Unravelling the Truth Behind Wool

Joanna Krupa has joined PETA US for an anti-wool campaign that will leave viewers speechless.

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PETA US Launches US$1 Million Vegan Wool Challenge Award

PETA US has launched a US$1 million award that will go to the first entrant to produce a market-ready vegan material to replace wool.

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Baby Monkeys Kidnapped, Chained, and Abused for Coconut Milk

Despite false claims by the Thai government and coconut industry, monkeys are still being forced to pick coconuts. Act now to help them!

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Pregnant PETA Protester Poses in Sydney: The Future Is Vegan! Chrissie Hall.

Pregnant PETA Protester Poses in Sydney: The Future Is Vegan!

Eight months pregnant, with her belly painted like the Earth, this activist turned heads for World Vegan Month.

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‘Dinosaur’ Dash at Flemington Protests Melbourne Cup

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup, “dinosaurs” took to the streets of Flemington with a message for the horse racing industry: “Horse Racing Is Prehistoric!”

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Robyn Lawley Speaks Out Against Australian Crocodile Farms

The Australian supermodel lends her voice to a new PETA video.

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