San Churro’s New Menu Has 40+ Vegan Friendly Options

The legends at San Churro clearly got the memo that 2019 is the year of the vegan. To celebrate, they’re launching a huge new menu with more than 40 vegan friendly options across the brand’s 52 locations!

We were lucky enough to sit down and taste-test the fabulous new offerings, including the Queen Vegan Churros Snack Pack, Drop & Choc and Velvety Vegan hot chocolates, the new Happy Vegan churro bowl, and a selection of Dessert Tapas, all featuring their new vegan milk chocolate.

Our verdict? It’s what dairy-free dreams are made of! Creamy and delicious, the new vegan chocolate is made on a rice milk base, meaning it has no coconut undertones.

As more and more Australians learn about the horrors of the dairy and egg industries, San Churro National Marketing Manager, Tarran Grummisch says the growth of vegan products on the menu has been organic.

“The response on social media to our vegan menu updates over the last 12 months has been overwhelming. Whenever we post about  new vegan products the comments, and shares are so positive and enthusiastic, it motivates us to keep expanding the range.

“Our founder and CEO is also vegetarian, so he is very supportive and encourages the product development team to continue to innovate, so that more and more of our menu is either vegan or has a vegan option.”

Vegan options are clearly delicious and obviously much better for animals – and cruelty-free food can boost business as well. According to one New Yorkbased consulting firm, more than three-quarters of restaurants that go plant-based report an increase in sales and social media following. Most also found that their overall food costs went down.

Check out the full San Churro menu here and our guide to eating vegan at some of Australia’s most popular food franchises:

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