Vegan ‘UGG’ Boots and Where to Buy Them

UGG boots are made of shearling – yep, that’s the skin of a sheep with the fleece still attached!

Instead of paying UGG to skin sheep, try these kind and cosy options:

  1. Oncewild Ugg

An ethical vegan take on the ugg style by an Australian company. Made with high quality vegan suede and faux shearling.

  1. Vegetarian Shoes Snug Boot

Featuring a thick, fleecy vegan wool lining throughout (because using wool from sheep is nasty to animals and the environment!) and water-resistant outer material, these boots will have you prepared for whatever winter may dish out. They’re available through Humankind’s online store.

  1. Kmart

Kmart has so many options for vegans with cold feet! It’s also the perfect place to pick up a cheap pair of shoes for growing kids.

  1. Piping Hot

Surf brand Piping Hot will live up to its name by keeping your toes toasty. You’ll find these exclusively at Target.

  1. Mooloola

Mooloola boots come in a variety of styles with cosy faux-fur lining. They’re available from City Beach, both in store and online.

Mooloola boots from City Beach

  1. Sleepy Squirrel

Another cruelty-free option at City Beach is Sleepy Squirrel, which offers a variety of styles featuring a mixture of vegan wool, faux suede, and faux-fur lining.

 With so many cute and cruelty-free options available, there’s just no reason to wear the skin of an abused animal.

There are plenty of other brands out there – and we’d love it if you told us about them so we can keep this list updated. Of course, always check the tags and the materials listed before you buy. If the label says “wool” or “shearling”, leave it on the shelf.

To find out more about vegan clothing and footwear, check out this list of “PETA-Approved Vegan” products: