PETA Exposé Reveals Cruelty in Australia’s Wool Industry Yet Again 

Workers Now Under Investigation After Being Filmed Kicking, Punching, and Cutting Sheep 

Sydney – As the festive season fast approaches, PETA has released brand-new footage from a PETA Asia investigation which again exposes violence against sheep in Australia’s wool industry.

Australia, which produces 88% of the world’s wool supply for apparel, is one of the only countries where huge chunks of skin are still cut off the backsides of sheep without any pain relief during the barbaric practice of mulesing.

This is the sixth exposé of the Australian shearing industry and the 14th exposé of the global wool industry from PETA and its international affiliates, which have now found cruelty to sheep on 117 properties in six countries on four continents.

One shearer stood on a sheep’s neck and punched two others in the face, a supervisor kicked two sheep, and shearers cut swaths of skin off some sheep and left many others with bleeding wounds. One shearer didn’t give a sheep any pain relief before trying to sew up a gaping wound with an evidently blunt needle. In another incident, a shearer cut into a heavily pregnant sheep’s vaginal prolapse and used her wool to wipe her blood off the floor. When PETA Asia’s investigator took her to a veterinarian, they discovered that she had been trying to deliver a lamb, who was stillborn, and she had to be euthanised.

“Consumers need to know that wool comes from gentle sheep who are kicked, punched, and sometimes left in a pool of their own blood on the floor of Australian shearing sheds,” says PETA Senior Outreach and Partnerships Manager Emily Rice. “PETA is urging shoppers to give some peace to these tormented animals this festive season by leaving wool on the shelf and giving only stylish vegan fashions this Christmas. ”

The investigator also documented that workers  discussed other shearers who had broken a lamb’s leg, cut sheep, and gouged their eyes. One shearer still employed by the crew allegedly bit a sheep’s ear off in anger. As a result of PETA Asia’s findings, Victoria officials have opened an investigation.

Photos are available here, and broadcast-quality footage is available here.

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