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PETA Virtual Event: Global Compassion Fund Fireside Chat

Join us for a virtual tour with PETA Germany from the front lines of the war in Ukraine as rescuers risk their lives to bring animals to safety.

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Lingerie-Clad Protesters Hand Out Condoms With Vegan Message Chrissie Hall

Horses Mutilated for Budweiser Adverts and Parades

A PETA US investigation reveals horses are mutilated for Budweiser Super Bowl adverts, parades, and more.

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NSW Government Has Again Failed Animals in Laboratories

Policymakers miss a golden opportunity.

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Indonesian Puppy Factory Footage Shows Disabled Dogs Crying in Despair

What PETA Asia investigators uncovered at Indonesian puppy-breeding facilities should persuade anyone never to support the abusive, profit-driven “pet” trade.

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Inside a Colombian Hellhole for Monkeys: Animals Left to Die of Wounds, Cages Full of Faeces

In this hellhole, monkeys were dying of wounds while mice were left to resort to cannibalism.

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‘Horse Graveyard’ Haunts Deadly Perth Cup James Sparrow

‘Horse Graveyard’ Haunts Deadly Perth Cup

The race must not go on!

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Alan Cumming to PM Albanese: End Live Export Now!

ctor calls on Australian Prime Minister to end ‘cruel and polluting’ live export trade.

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Another Successful PETA Petition: Kitten Factory Plan WITHDRAWN! AnaCorpus on Pixabay

Another Successful PETA Petition: Kitten Factory Plan WITHDRAWN!

Following our petition to Ipswich City Council with more than 6,000 signatures, the applicant has withdrawn plans for a proposed cat-breeding facility.

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