Time to Ban Cosmetics Testing in Australia

Posted on by PETA Australia

*UPDATE* Australia is now set to ban cosmetics tests on animals! Learn more here.

In 2013, we celebrated a historic milestone in the fight to end animal testing, when the final provisions of the European Union’s marketing ban on cosmetics tested on animals went into effect. We cheered as Israel enacted a similar ban and were thrilled when PETA India’s work to persuade the Indian government to end cosmetics tests on animals was successful. There has since been wonderful international progress in the fight to eliminate cruel product tests. In 2015, New Zealand became the latest country to implement a total ban on testing products and their ingredients on animals. 


Instead of keeping pace with the international community, Australia has failed to spare animals the agony of having chemicals dripped into their eyes or forced down their throats just to produce mascara or shampoo. Animals are poisoned and killed in the production of cosmetics sold in this country, and it’s time to put an end to it.

We need your help to urge the cosmetics industry and the government to stop these tests.

Australians should apply the same cutting-edge science as is now being used in the EU, India, Israel and New Zealand to evaluate the safety of our cosmetics products, and we also deserve to have laws that reflect our ethical stance that animals should never be forced to suffer and die in cosmetics tests.

Recently, the Australian Labour Party proposed a bill to end animal testing for cosmetics and ban the importation of any cosmetics tested on animals, but so far, the Liberal Party has not proposed any action on this issue.

Please take a moment to write to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Let him know that no cosmetics product or ingredient is worth inflicting suffering on animals and that Australia must not allow these cruel product tests to continue.

You can also make sure you’re not supporting this cruelty by choosing to buy only cosmetics products that haven’t been tested on animals.

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