Good News From New Zealand – Animal Testing for Cosmetics Banned!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Rabbit for testingAnimals in New Zealand will never have chemicals dripped into their eyes or forced down their throats for the sake of mascara or shampoo. The government have decided to listen to the voices of animal-protection groups and the will of the public by banning all animal testing for cosmetics products and their ingredients.

The ban, which was introduced by Green MP Mojo Mathers, comes in the form of an amendment to New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Amendment Bill. As Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy says, “this amendment will send an important message that this kind of testing is unacceptable to New Zealanders and will never happen here”.

This is a long overdue step forward! It will ensure that rabbits, mice and other animals are spared painful and frightening tests in the country, and it brings New Zealand in line with the European Union, India and Israel.

PETA and our international affiliates are doing everything we can to persuade other countries to put in place their own bans against these abhorrent tests. Please show your opposition to animal testing by only buying cruelty-free products.

Posted by Jason Baker