Camel and Horse Rides to Be Banned at Giza Pyramids After PETA Campaign

Posted on by Dan H

Fantastic news for camels and horses! Egypt’s tourism ministry has announced plans to ban camel, donkey and horse rides at Giza around the pyramids and in the archaeological areas. Instead, tourists will be able to use electric cars and buses, as recommended by PETA.

Image shows a camel

The great news comes after more than a year of pressure from PETA and our affiliates, including our exposé revealing egregious animal abuse, which prompted over 250,000 compassionate supporters to send letters to the Ministry of Tourism. PETA Asia representatives also met with government officials to discuss ending this abuse by banning the use of animals at these sites.

What’s Wrong With Animal Rides?

Camels, donkeys and horses who are forced to cart visitors around on their backs or in carriages at Egypt’s top tourist sites – in the blistering heat, without access to food, water, or shade – often slip and fall over and are regularly beaten to force them to keep going beyond the point of exhaustion.

One worker was caught on camera whipping a horse mercilessly after the animal collapsed in the street.

Camel Traders Arrested

Many of the camels used for rides in Egypt come from the notorious Birqash Camel Market, where camels are sometimes beaten bloody, as documented in PETA’s exposé. The footage led to the arrest of three camel traders by a security force headed by Brigadier General Assem Abu al-Khair and Sameh Badawi. The traders could be fined and could face imprisonment for up to six months under Article 357 of the Penal Code.

At the notoriously cruel Birqash Camel Market, men and children were observed viciously beating screaming camels with sticks.

Animal abuse has no place at Egypt’s majestic tourist destinations, and while this plan doesn’t ban all animal rides across the country, we’re excited to see electric cars and buses carry tourists around in the future.

Please join us in thanking government officials in Egypt for making this compassionate decision:

Will Santorini Be Next?

Please help us prevent more animals from suffering in the tourism industry. PETA is calling on the Greek island of Santorini to follow in Egypt’s footsteps by retiring the long-suffering donkeys and mules who are forced to carry heavy tourists up hundreds of steps day after day and switching to animal-free transportation. Please ask Greece’s prime minister and minister for agricultural development and food to ban these cruel rides immediately: