Sickening CCTV Footage From an Australian Abattoir Leaked

The authorities must identify and charge these sick individuals.

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Live Exporter’s Licence Cancelled After Cruelty Exposed CIWF

Live Exporter’s Licence Cancelled After Cruelty Exposed

After unthinkable cruelty was exposed on its ships, Emanuel Exports has had its licence permanently cancelled.

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Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood Speaks Out for New Mums

The “Place to Call Home” star wants you to know how the dairy industry breaks maternal bonds.

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Australia’s Drought: If You Can’t Feed Them, Don’t Breed Them

Millions of sheep bred into Australia’s wool industry are suffering in the big dry.

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Here’s Why PETA Wants to Hang a Pro-Vegan ‘Fish Stinks’ Banner From Tasmania Council Buildings

While a giant dead-fish graveyard would create quite a stench, it’s the fish industry as a whole that reeks.

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