Celebrity Request Prompts Vegan Hot Dog Launch!

Posted on by PETA Australia

After Aussie party-starter and animal advocate DJ Tigerlily sent a letter to Wally’s Hot Dogs requesting that it introduce a vegan version of its famous hot dog, the vendor has done just that, launching a limited-edition vegan hot dog named the “Vegan Wally”.

The dish, which will debut at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, features a delicious vegan sausage by Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher topped with tasty non-dairy cheese – and the tempting snack is bound to have even meat-eaters rolling up.

“I work hard to promote a fun, compassionate, and healthy lifestyle, full of vibrancy and joy. I’m passionate about leaving animals off our plates,” DJ Tigerlily told Wally’s Hot Dogs in her letter. “Anyone who follows me on social media will know I love tasty food – I wouldn’t promote anything boring – so a loaded vegan Wally’s dog would be perfect.”

Both Forbes and The Economist have predicted that 2019 will be “the year of the vegan”, and Australians Google the word “vegan” more than people anywhere else in the world. So offering delicious, animal- and planet-friendly vegan options just makes great business sense!

DJ Tigerlily’s compassion and dedicated campaigning for animals are some of the reasons why PETA named her Australia’s “Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrity” in 2018. She uses her popular blog and Instagram account to encourage others to tryvegan living and to speak up for the billions of animals who are killed for their flesh every year.

To produce meat-based sausages, farmers routinely cut off pigs’ tails and clip or grind down their teeth in order to stop them from harming each other out of frustration caused by extreme confinement. Then, when these animals are still just a few months old, they’re trucked off to the abattoir, they’re forced into gas chambers, and their throats are slit.

In addition to sparing animals this immense suffering, choosing vegan hot dogs is better for human health, as the World Health Organization has long warned of the increased cancer risk associated with consuming processed meat.

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