Ellen Wants You to Go Vegan

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Australians can show their love for Ellen DeGeneres (and animals) by following her awesome advice and going vegan.

She recently launched a new section of her website devoted entirely to adopting a vegan lifestyle. A vegan herself, she provides tons of tips and information about making the transition to veganism and how to live a cruelty-free life.

Go Vegan WIth Ellen

Going Vegan With Ellen is a great resource for anyone who is looking for more information on how to choose a cruelty-free lifestyle. She gives the lowdown on why going vegan is beneficial for your own health and reduces your carbon footprint and on how it can prevent the suffering of animals on factory farms.

Let’s show Ellen how compassionate Australians truly are. Check out Going Vegan With Ellen to learn more about why a vegan diet is good for the planet, animals and your health.

Posted by Claire Fryer