Historic! France to Shut Down Mink Farms, Dolphin Captivity and Wild Animal Circuses

Posted on by Dan H

In a historic victory, the French government has just announced an end to the captivity of orcas and other dolphins, the use of wild animals in travelling circuses, and mink fur farming.

Image is a collage of PETA France demonstrations.

This momentous news follows years of campaigning by PETA France and other organisations in the country and is cause for celebration for animal rights activists around the world.

Mink Fur Farming to End by 2025

PETA affiliates have campaigned for decades against inhumane fur farming. Today, the majority of the French population – 77%, according to a 2020 IFOP poll – opposes the bloody, violent fur trade.

Nearly 90,000 supporters joined PETA France’s call for an end to fur farming, including celebrities Sophie Marceau, Pamela Anderson, Lolita Lempicka, Hélène de Fougerolles, and Marilou Berry.

It was high time that France joined the growing list of countries committed to ending the archaic fur trade. In the 21st century, there’s no excuse for confining wild animals to cramped cages in which they go mad before gassing, electrocuting, or otherwise barbarically killing them and skinning them for their fur.

While we celebrate the decision to put an end to this violent industry, giving mink farmers until 2025 to shut up shop means many thousands of animals will still endure a lifetime of suffering in captivity and be slaughtered before the ban comes into effect. For the sake of the animals and human health we urge the government to bring forward the deadline for closures.

Ban on Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses

Already banned in many countries across Europe, circuses which force wild animals to perform will no longer be allowed to operate across France, although the date when this decision will come into effect has yet to be announced.

This move reflects the wishes of the majority of French people, 72% of whom are in favour of a ban.

Nearly 60,000 compassionate people signed PETA France’s petition demanding a national ban on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. Previously, PETA France and long-time friend Pamela Anderson had written to 36,000 French mayors encouraging them to refuse to grant circuses with wild animals permission to pitch their tents on council land. Over 400 of them, including the mayors of Paris, Grenoble, and Montpellier, did just that.

Image shows circus demonstration

Forcing wild animals to perform confusing tricks is a barbaric practice that has no place in a compassionate society. Wild animals used in travelling circuses are carted from one venue to another in cramped cages and barren trailers and are taught to perform tricks through the threat of punishment.

An End to Cetacean Captivity

In more wonderful news, there’s finally an end in sight for the long-suffering orcas and other dolphins currently imprisoned in France’s marine abusement parks! The announcement included an immediate ban on the breeding or acquisition of cetaceans by marine parks and a plan to see those currently held captive transferred to sea pens to spend the remainder of their lives in a more natural environment.

Intelligent animals such as orcas and other dolphins don’t belong in cramped tanks. According to a 2018 poll, 70% of French people are opposed to cetacean captivity for human entertainment.

Thousands of PETA France supporters participated in protests, signed petitions, wrote letters, shared exposés, and encouraged friends and family to stay away from these watery prisons.

These major advances for wild animals in France will undoubtedly put pressure on other countries still clinging to cruel industries to do the right thing for animals.

When we work together to fight injustice and demand an end to archaic industries that imprison, exploit, hurt, or kill the animals with whom we share the planet, anything is possible.

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