Great Moscow Circus Closes Down

Posted on by PETA Australia

Just two months after Ringling Bros circus announced that it was to close, The Great Moscow Circus has gone into liquidation.

The news came as the circus cut short its Australian tour, cancelling performances in Ballarat and citing “very soft ticket sales” as the reason.

The circus’s closure proves that entertainment tastes have moved away from circuses that use animals. We hope the horses, camels, llamas, water buffaloes, and macaw parrots who were forced to travel and perform night after night will now be transferred to a sanctuary, where they’ll never be made to do confusing tricks again.

Other acts in the Lennon Bros Circus family should take note and immediately retire all animals, including lions and monkeys, from their shows. It has never been clearer that the public has turned against abusive animal performances.

A total of 50 council areas, including Lake Macquarie, Lismore, Melbourne, and the entire Australian Capital Territory, have banned circuses that use exotic animals.

Please help us push for a nationwide ban by signing our petition.