Ringling Brothers Circus Is Shutting Down

Posted on by PETA Australia

As of May, the saddest show on earth for wild animals will end.

Thirty-six years of protests by PETA US, documenting animals left to die, beaten animals, and much more, has reduced attendance to the point of no return.


All other animal circuses and wild animal exhibitors, including marine amusement parks like SeaWorld, must take note: society has changed, eyes have been opened, people know now who these animals are, and we know it is wrong to capture and exploit them.

Australia-based Lennon Bros and Stardust circuses continue to exploit animals, conducting barbaric training sessions behind closed doors.

Forcing wild animals such as lions, monkeys and camels to perform stressful tricks is an archaic practice that has no place in Australia.

Please sign our petition asking State Premiers to ban wild-animal acts in circuses and ensure the welfare of the animals who are currently imprisoned by Lennon Bros and Stardust.

Please also refuse to attend circuses that use animals and urge your family members and friends to do the same.