‘I, Chicken’: Virtual Reality Used for Good

Posted on by PETA Australia

Have you ever looked at the world through a chicken’s eyes? Thousands of people got the chance to do just that when PETA took the groundbreaking “I, Chicken” virtual reality experience to cities and university campuses around the country.

Here’s a sneak preview of the technology – check out the participants’ reactions!

Every year in Australia, more than half a billion chickens are slaughtered for their flesh, and 6 million hens are kept inside small cages – and denied any comforts – so that their eggs can be sold. With only unenforceable Codes of Practice, not a single federal law protects chickens from abuse.

Even “free-range” or “cage-free” farms often cram chickens by the thousands into filthy sheds and deny them the opportunity to take dust baths, roost in trees or bask in the sun.

And most chickens end up at abattoirs, where their legs are forced into shackles, their throats are cut and finally they’re immersed in scalding-hot water – some while still conscious – to facilitate feather removal.

Hen's Face

The national “I, Chicken” tour may have wrapped up, but you can still make a difference for chickens by choosing to leave them – and their eggs – off your plate.