‘Maimed in Australia’: New Ad Targets the Wool Industry

Posted on by PETA Australia

A thought-provoking new ad has appeared in Glandore, South Australia, near the head office of Livestock SA, to remind passers-by that every wool sweater comes from an industry in which gentle sheep are cruelly handled, cut, beaten, and ultimately slaughtered.

Peta SA[2]

A QR code on the ad links to video footage from wool investigations, including this one – which revealed that workers on a massive sheep farm in Coober Pedy, South Australia, threw and kicked sheep and used shears to cut chunks of skin and flesh off them, among other abuses:

Investigations of wool farms on three continents, including at 20 shearing facilities across three Australian states, have found violent handling resulting in unimaginable pain for an untold number of sensitive sheep.

The realities of the wool industry are hidden from the public. If we all knew the truth about the way sheep suffer for wool, none of us would buy wool products.

There simply is no humane way to produce wool. Please, don’t support this industry. Choose cruelty-free fabrics instead, and tell others why you made this decision.