Mass Greyhound Grave Uncovered in Western Sydney

Posted on by PETA Australia

RSPCA inspectors in New South Wales (NSW) have uncovered the bodies of nine dead greyhounds buried on the property of a registered greyhound racing trainer in Western Sydney.

Another 12 dogs were found starving and sick and were seized from the property. The trainer is being investigated for serious cruelty-to-animals offences.

“These greyhounds were bred for and then discarded by the racing industry,” the RSPCA said in a statement.

This isn’t the first time the greyhound racing industry has been caught trying to bury its dirty secrets. The bodies of 55 dogs were found in a mass grave near Bundabergin 2015, and more recently, there have been reports of a similar gruesome discovery near Tamworth.

When the NSW government back-flipped on the greyhound racing ban, we all knew that thousands of dogs would continue to suffer in this abusive and unjustifiable industry in which cruelty – including the mass slaughter of healthy dogs – is a business model for “success”.


It’s been two years since the NSW government first announced it would ban greyhound racing in the state, before capitulating to industry demands. In that time, hundreds of greyhounds have died on racetracks or sustained catastrophic injuries. Around one in 10 race meets in NSW results in the death of a dog.

It’s estimated that another 18,000 greyhounds are killed every year in Australia – simply because they aren’t fast enough to win races. Eight thousand of those killed are puppies.

By now, greyhounds in NSW should all have been retired to loving homes, instead of being kept inside cramped cages and kennels and forced to run for their lives.

The majority of Australians abhor the cruelty inherent in greyhound racing. The industry has had plenty of opportunities to implement reforms. This most recent investigation confirms that the effort to end the abuse of animals for entertainment and financial gain must continue.

It’s time to bury the greyhound racing industry, not more dogs.