Meet Australia’s ‘Sexiest Vegans Next Door’

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

It was a tough choice. All the entrants in PETA’s 2017 Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest embodied “sexy” qualities – including compassion, altruism, fitness, and enthusiasm – but we’ve managed to choose two lucky winners who will each receive a weekend getaway at The Beet Retreat and a six-month mystery-box subscription from The Cruelty Free Shop. Let’s meet our winners!

Australia’s Sexiest Vegans Next Door

Jordan Mcgregor

Gold Coast, Queensland

Jordan Mcgregor Sexiest Vegan Next Door

As a vegetarian for most of her life, it wasn’t until Jordan – who was a new mum at the time – saw a PETA video in which cows on dairy farms were being separated from their calves that she decided to go vegan. Her compassion for all mothers proves that kindness is the sexiest quality of all.

“Now my child – who is also vegan – is almost 2 years old. He is the healthiest, most vibrant child I know. … I truly believe mothers are a powerful transformational force. It begins with mothers [who then] imprint these values on the hearts of their children.”


Dean Tyrrell

Perth, Western Australia

Dean Tyrrell Sexiest Vegan Next Door

Dean’s toned physique caught the judges’ eyes, but it was the story about his dog Nala – who inspired him to be kind to all animals – that sealed his win. The Port Kennedy teacher credits his canine companion with helping him understand the suffering of animals who wind up on our plates.

“[Nala] inspired me to better understand the inhumane treatment of animals … [so] I decided to go vegan. Teaching environmental science and health in high school has enabled me to inspire (or at least try to) many others along the way. Going vegan made me a kinder, more caring person, physically more fit and spiritually more grounded. All thanks to a gorgeous little Lab who changed my life.”



Our runners-up will receive prizes from Kind CartelCakeboy Donuts, Secret Creek Cafe & Restaurant, Kings Wholefood Artisan, Loving Hut, A Tad Whimsy, MooFree Burgers, Sweet Bones, and Wombat Cafe & Store.

Ellen Bennett

Hobart, Tasmania

“I live among my animal friends by sharing their light, happiness, and freedom – not by eating their flesh. Animals are my dearest friends, and that means I do not eat them.”

Ellen Bennett Sexiest Vegan Next Door

Julia Henning

Adelaide, South Australia

“If we all just stopped for a moment and truly thought about how we treat animals, I believe most people would see the truth in veganism. … I love being vegan. I’ve never felt better, and I feel good knowing that I’m making a difference.”

Julia Hennings Sexiest Vegan Next Door

Akshay Anthony

Melbourne, Victoria

“I am vegan because I believe that all living things were made to share this world equally. I love animals so much, and I know that even one person can make a change in the world. Animals are friends, not food!”

Akshay Anthony Sexiest Vegan Next Door

Matt Logue

Newcastle, New South Wales

“I’m a carpenter from Newcastle. I first became vegan two years ago because my girlfriend was vegan and I wanted to support her. After watching different documentaries and feeling so much better [than I did on] my standard body-building diet, I haven’t turned back since.”

Matt Logue Sexiest Vegan Next Door

Keisha Waugh

Newcastle, New South Wales

“I have been vegan for almost five years, and I chose to be vegan because I’ve always loved animals. It made no sense for me to keep supporting the cruel world that is animal agriculture and basically living a life that for me was full of negativity, torture, cruelty, and death. … I will never stop fighting for what I believe in, never stop living my life the way I choose to.”

Keisha Mae Waugh Sexiest Vegan Next Door

Sonja Mamic

Gordon, Australian Capital Territory

“I’ve been vegan for three years now, and I originally became vegan after I found out that cows have best friends!”

Sonja Mamic Sexiest Vegan Next Door

Amelia Skaczkowski

Darwin, Northern Territory

“I am passionate about nutritional health and medicine … Once I went vegan, I became happier and healthier. ”

Amelia Skaczkowski Sexiest Vegan Next Door



Compassion is sexy, so go vegan today—you’ll save more than 100 animals a year!