PETA Ad Calls for Mandatory Drug Testing of Shearers

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

In a disturbing new ad, PETA is calling for lawmakers to take heed of the risks to both animals and humans when drug use by wool industry workers goes unchecked.

dave the druggie ad

Liberal Party delegates and wool producers in Victoria have acknowledged that drug use is a major issue within the industry and called for mandatory drug testing.

In an international exposé of the wool industry, PETA US revealed that workers beat sheep and jabbed them in the face with electric clippers and a hammer. Much of this abuse took place in shearing sheds in Victoria.

PETA has written to the Victorian government calling for mandatory drug testing. To ensure that the message hits home, a “sheep” has also been spotted outside Parliament House carrying a giant poster of the ad, which asks the public to call on their local MP to support mandatory drug tests for shearers.

You can join the call to action today by contacting your own local MP and asking him or her to promote this issue.

Posted by Claire Fryer