PETA Australia: A Year in Review

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

lettuce lady australiaThe year 2012 saw some great victories for animals in Australia, and the PETA Australia Annual Review highlights just a few of them.

PETA Australia continued to join other PETA affiliates in campaigning against the barbaric practice of mulesing (in which farmers cut huge chunks of skin from the backsides of lambs) by sending letters to breeders and veterinarians and holding eye-catching demonstrations. As a result of PETA’s and our affiliates’ campaigns, major international retailers pledged not to sell wool from mulesed sheep, including UNIQLO, the fifth-largest fashion retailer in the world.

PETA Australia continued to work with the fashion industry to end the use of fur. In 2012, we persuaded many designers and retailers – including Camilla and Marc, Rachel Gilbert, Scanlan & Theodore and Webster Holdings (which owns David Lawrence, Jigsaw and Marcs) – to go fur-free.

Some of our attention-getting events in 2012 included demonstrations featuring our stunning Lettuce Ladies, who wore gowns and bikinis made entirely of lettuce; a “bear” who greeted the Queen in order to protest againt the slaughter of Canadian black bears for the ceremonial caps worn by Buckingham Palace guards; and an Australian activist who took part in a near-nude protest in Pamplona against the cruel Running of the Bulls.

PETA Australia representatives appeared on numerous news programmes, including current affairs shows The Project and The 7.30 Report, and had their activities and letters featured in almost every major publication in the country.

Advertisements starring David Boreanaz (Angel and Bones), Uggie (the adorable adopted dog who starred in The Artist) and other famous names ran for free in numerous publications, including TV Weekly, Backyard & Garden Design Ideas, Dolly, FAMOUS, Fuse, Take 5 and TV Soap.

We know that 2013 will be an even bigger and better year for animal advocates in Australia – and you can be a part of making change happen.

Join PETA Australia today, and help us to make 2013 a year to remember for all the right reasons!

Posted by Claire Fryer