Bodypainted Protester Tells Auckland Butcher, ‘Go Green: Go Vegan’

Posted on by PETA Australia

People passing by the Neat Meat butcher shop in Auckland got a surprise on Wednesday when they spotted this PETA supporter covered with green bodypaint taking a stand for animals and the planet:

Auckland PETA Protest

By proclaiming, “Go Green: Go Vegan”, the protester served as a reminder that, according to the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment, animal agriculture is responsible for producing 48 per cent of the country’s greenhouse-gas emissions – two-thirds of which are methane produced by cows and sheep.

Climate change, water pollution, resource depletion, species extinction, deforestation, and land erosion are all linked to the consumption of meat and dairy foods.

Auckland PETA protest

A report released last year by the New Zealand government found that rapid growth in dairy farmland and surging carbon dioxide levels are the biggest threats to the country’s land, water, and wildlife. On a per capita basis, New Zealand has the highest methane emissions in the world, at 600 kilograms per person.

These environmental issues can be tackled at the root three times a day – by eating eco-friendly vegan meals.

Want to help animals and the planet by choosing plant-based foods?