Australian Senator Reckons You’re Buying Vegan Food by Accident, Launches Official Inquiry

Posted on by PETA Australia

Australian Senator Susan McDonald has launched a Senate Inquiry into food labelling laws that will investigate the use of terms such as “meat-free mince”, “sausage made with plants” and “vegan bacon”.

Many of those who profit from the tormenting and slaughtering of gentle cows, sheep, pigs and chickens have long wanted to ban the word “meat” from vegan products that, unlike animal flesh, are cruelty-free and better for the environment.

The Senator’s statement reads “forget the ethics of eating animal products, this is about protecting a highly valuable industry”. In other words, money trumps morality in her view.

PETA is a great believer in truth in advertising. We would like the meat industries to declare on their packaging that this meat came from animals who suffered agonising treatments like branding, castration, dehorning and up to 48 hours on a terrifying drive to the slaughterhouse before they met their horrifying death.

Suggesting that people do not know that clearly labelled vegan sausages, burgers and schnitzels are plant-based and cruelty-free is simply insulting the intelligence of consumers, who know that, regardless of what they’re called, vegan and clean meats are the humane and sustainable choice.

Regardless, we would like to clear up some other possible points of confusion for Senator McDonald: a hot dog doesn’t contain actual dog, a mince pie can be savoury or sweet, peanut butter doesn’t contain a drop of dairy, and Easter eggs don’t come from chickens.

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While the government is mulling over such petty nonsense, Australia is on track to have the most carbon-intensive economy of any major developed country, and the United Nations says the Great Barrier Reef is “in danger” due to climate change.

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