Duck Hunters Out Shooting, Despite Victoria’s State-Wide Lockdown

Posted on by Dan H

Victoria’s annual duck hunting season lasted all of 24 hours before lockdown measures began to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the state. Keeping ducks safe was a silver lining to yet another difficult period of isolation.

However, many hunters have found a way to continue their cruel habits. Those living within 5 kilometres of a wildlife reserve are still out shooting, dubiously claiming that it’s a form of “exercise” under the lockdown rules.


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While it has been relatively quiet on the wetlands, even before the lockdown measures came into force, ducks have still suffered horribly as they’ve been blasted from the sky.

For every animal killed outright, another is wounded and will die slowly in terror and agony.

Hunters were outraged that the season would run for just 20 days and allow them to slaughter “only” five ducks per day. While fewer fatalities are obviously preferable, this barbarism should not be occurring at all. It’s time to stop permitting this senseless slaughter simply to appease a small and shrinking group of shooters who think it’s “fun” to harm wildlife.

Birds will never be truly safe until this savage pastime becomes a thing of the past. Join us in urging the State Government of Victoria to protect our wetlands now: